Monday, October 31, 2011

Splendid week-end in Brussels

I've never been a fan of Brussels really but more and more of my friends are moving there so I am going there more and more often. And this city is starting to grow on me somehow, maybe because of the fact that every time I happen to discover something new as each of my friends makes me see this city through their eyes so I have very versatile impressions and get to see Brussels from diverse angles. One thing is for sure - there are so many things to see and love.

It was a beautiful week-end I spent in Brussels visiting my friends. A week-end of warmth, friendship and delicious food :) ...

... A week-end of long walks in the beautiful parks of Brussels... 

... and a week-end of many inspirational things and events.

One of my friends and her husband are renting an amazing apartment. Here is a little sneak-peek as I promise to come back with more when they will install properly and when I will be visiting them again in Brussels.

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