Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Not the right season you'd say? :) This was my idea before entering the shop but turns out this brand is producing bags, shoes, boots, clothes etc., though they DID start with flip-flops.

Style is very joyful, colourful and youthful, quality seems to be very good as they use high quality materials and finish looks very delicate. I ended up walking out of the shop with three pairs of boots, just what I needed of course, but then again I realize that for the last two weeks I've chosen to wear exactly those three pairs so they must be it :)

And I just love the photos in their catalogues: Glad to have discovered you, dear Flip*Flop!

So this was me compensating two months of silence! :)) No more for today!


Just wanted to introduce you to my very favourite monthly design, lifestyle and fashion magazine COUCH. They started out in 2012 so it is rather fresh and maybe therefore full of very interesting ideas and unusual compilations of bits and pieces related to the topics it covers. Nevertheless I hope they will keep it up for years to come as I am very glad to find their new issue each month in the newsstand.

The song of the day

Though carnival is not over... :)

Nederlands Dans Theater

Netherlands Dans Theater is in Luxembourg again! Having seen their 50th anniversary program in 2010 I am eager to see them again. They will have two performances on 27/02 and 28/02 in Grand Théâtre this time bringing three pieces to the audience of Luxembourg - Passe-Partout, Gods and Dogs and I New Then.

Photo from Netherlands Dans Theater archive

Lernert & Sander

Once again MUDAM and Design Friends are organising an interesting conference having two Amsterdam based artists Lernert Engelberts and Sander Plug ( talking about creative work and art of design. It is TODAY at 18:30 in MUDAM.

Photography: Jouk Oosterhof