Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Yes, exactly this cuckoo, colourful and fun is Latvian brand QooQoo created by graphic designer Aļona Bauska which has blown away a lot of local people as well as many all over the world. Aļona herself says that there are no orders only from Africa and Belarus so far. 

Creation of QooQoo brand is another success story of the recent years in Latvia. For years Aļona was working in advertising companies as a graphic designer.  As to fashion it all started with making funny designs for the T-shirts for her friends until one day it all turned into project called "QooQoo" - brand created in 2009. The first year was hard as she admits but then they slightly changed their strategy and sale's numbers went rocket high and local fashion awards followed one after another.

 Aļona herself gives an impression of this light, friendly, free and bold personality. So are her clothes. Made for exactly the same kind of people.

 I wish her further success and to be able to convert the majority of our society where quoting herself: "most of the people are wearing like some kind of uniforms. Even though they are wearing things which are in vogue they just all look the same!". QooQoo definitely makes a person look different.

I ordered these Bear Date leggings. Can't wait to receive them and become  slightly QooQoo myself :)

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Oh my!

It's been a while! It has actually been so long that everything has changed around here in and I am totally lost :S But after being able to remember a log-on password I think I will crack this one here and get back on the horse quick enough.

Well, my friends, a lot of things have happened during these - what, 2 months?!?!? Oh my indeed! And I have many stories up my sleeve. Continuing being busy living I'll do my best to share them with you as soon as possible.
Here is a little summery-flowery hello from me. This single hortensia on the dining table makes me remember our wonderful trip to Normandy couple of years ago when hortensias became one of my favourite flowers.

Since then I have known that these are going to be the flowers I will plant all around my family house whenever and wherever I have one :)

Just to show you how impressive it looks in the real scenery somewhere near Auderville. There are plenty of them in Normandy. I was smitten by their size, numbers and beauty.