Monday, August 6, 2012

Garden In The City

These last months I've been doing a lot of research on healthy nutrition (which will be the topic of another post) and I think this is a common tendency in the world lately that people start being very conscious of what they eat. So when I was visiting one of my friends who lives in a private house in Latvia, raises two beautiful kids and grows nearly everything in her garden, I tried delicious pesto she had prepared for me from the basil she's been growing herself, and it got me thinking that I could start my own little herbal garden on my terrace as well. So I began. Not only I enjoyed the process of sowing and observing how it all grows (I guess I am getting old - joy in gardening is a big indication for me :) ) but was also happy about going organic.

In the meantime I came across one interview with some Latvian landscape designer who suggested people should make their little gardens on the terraces of their apartments as he claimed that from one plant of summer squash for example it would be possible to harvest up to 80 pieces of this vegetable (unbelievable). Then I started searching and found out that gardening on one's terrace or balcony has become really popular and even trendy. For example this guy - Mike Lieberman who has created his own urban garden on the fire escape of his apartment in New York City believes that by growing some food of your own, it will help to cut back on the intensive resources that go into food production and transportation and also help you to re-establish your connection with food.

Well, I sure established a very good connection with my herbs as you can see - pesto made of basils from my very own urban garden :))