Sunday, October 23, 2011


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 "Kūkotava" is one of my favourite spots in Riga. I am there almost every time I  go back home. The name is catchy and is actually kind of a word game - "kūka"  in Latvian means "cake", but "kūkot" means either "cuckoo bird's calling" or "loafing/idling" so all together - a place for idle cake eating :) And the cakes there - DELICIOUS, as well as pastries, cookies, candies, bread and salads. The atmosphere is very nice, you can observe bakers working just behind the counter, interior is rustic and cosy, and it is definitely a place to meet your friends who have a sweet tooth over a piece of cake and have a nice chat :)

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For those of you who understand Latvian I can recommend the cooking show hosted by the owner of "Kūkotava" - Liene Tomsone on LNT (you can watch it online also on YouTube) called "Lapsa virtuvē" - "Fox in the Kitchen". She reveals many great recipes.

So have a nice and tasty w-end!

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