Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Photo from www.anii.lv
Recently I read an article about another vibrant, active and bright Latvian woman Inese Krūmiņa, who used to work as an economist but after facing existential crises of a 30 year old she decided to open a sock and stocking boutique. It was considered to be a madness by people around her as it happened exactly at the time when financial crises kicked in but she made it and blames exactly the right timing for the success as she started to design the stockings and socks herself to vary the assortment of the shop. 

Being a full time mum she is also a successful designer, business woman and founder of an interesting enterprise called SockBox, she has started designing clothes and frequently cooperates with different fashion designers of Latvia and helps out as a stylist to some famous people in Latvia. She herself claims to be changing her outfit several times a day or change the dislocation of the clothing pieces, let's say a skirt can become a dress, or a shirt becomes a skirt in a course of the day :)

Wishing her all the success and a lot of inspiration in the future!

And talking about stockings autumn is exactly the right season to wear a beautiful  pair of stockings or socks to show off. And as I was checking out the collections of SockBox no wonder this became my favourite pair (is there some kind of psychological characteristics for people who choose the same pattern over and over again? :S the only consolation here is that it would mean me and Coco Chanel might fall into the same group of individuals :))

Model called "Tiramisu" from Chocolate Dreams collection

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