Tuesday, October 22, 2013

3 good things or "trīs lietas - labas lietas"

Summer is officially very much over, even autumn is left with trees that almost have no leaves. Well I have to sound very cliché but really - where does the time go?! It literally flies! And being very busy most of this period I realized that I have not mentioned three good things - places of Riga's restaurant scene which I discovered during August and which I definitely wanted to share with. To my great surprise things have changed pretty much since then even in that department. We do live in a fast changing world. Even within two months you can become outdated. But nevertheless here they are:

Very sophisticated yet very welcoming and friendly restaurant where chef is not letting to escape the kitchen any plate that looks less than a piece of art and has no potential of exciting every taste-bud on your tongue. Even though we came in just for a late afternoon coffee and desert we were served and treated like princesses. Thumbs up for not being stuck up and being classy at the same time.  

I heard that they've changed the chef recently but hopefully the quality of food is as good.

3 Zivis (3 Fish) bistro
(14, Smilšu Str., Old Town, Riga)
which to my great disappointment has been transformed into 3 Naži (3 Knives) during these months changing a concept from fish bistro to Scandinavian and Baltic cuisine but hopefully keeping all the best things of 3 Fish bistro and integrating them into 3 Knives concept. Should not be too hard considering the fact that fish in both our cuisines play quite a key role. Have to re-check and will get back to you. Now only memories of 3 Fish bistro...

Oh, my, in one word - GREAT - service, ambiance, food - my friend's tuna steak was to kill for! It is a place where meal is treated as a performance, a delight, a process to enjoy. Definitely going there again very soon. And this time it is going to be MY tuna steak :)

Labu apetīti!

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