Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Oh, where to begin...

It's been a bit more than a week since I am back home - in Riga. And it feels sooooo good. At the same time there is this strange feeling as I simply can't believe that in a few days time I won't have to pack my bag again and head to the airport. In fact almost all bags and boxes are unpacked and most of the things have found a comfortable place in my little apartment.

As to my beautiful hometown - it has got many new lines in her face since we parted (I guess as well as myself :)), not the ones which are ageing her but those which give her a character. So many great new places to lunch and dine in, many new venues, construction and reconstruction works taking place. My hometown is getting ready to become a European Capital of Culture in 2014.

I have a rather long list with all the events and places to visit. Here are a couple I managed to go to and liked a lot:

LiveRiga photo
La Kanna - apparently very famous for its Saturday and Sunday brunch, which I still have to try out but so far I enjoyed their delicious Pavlova, home baked bread and welcoming service.

And the other one is called Stockpot - a place run by Richard Johnson and his Latvian wife Linda who have returned to Latvia after years of working in different countries and gathering experience in tastes and flavours of the world's food now resulting in very tasty plates they offer in their cozy and relaxed resto. As they work only on working days and until 20:30 I suggest it is a place for lunch or after-work snack. Definitely will be back.

I promise to continue my research as this summer might turn out to be a season of many friendly visits from abroad :)