Monday, January 24, 2011

My Room

I've always been hooked on furniture and interior design. And since last week I am head over heels as I decided to refurnish my living room. It is not so easy though cause I am a tenant in this lovely apartment and that means I can not change too much - color of my walls has to stay the same, no holes in the walls, there is some built in furniture as well and the floor is flagged with dark grey marble which I really DON'T LIKE - this all means that I have to play by some rules already set and of course I am not ready to throw away all of my existing furniture which means I have to adopt the existing to the desired.

It all started with the dining table which I bought in a second hand shop a week or so ago and as it was damaged I decided that I will paint it white. As the color pallet of my living room was black, beige, purple and fuchsia pink, it was clear that everything else will have to change as well and I got excited :) (never mind that financially wise it was a dumb decision adapting my whole interior to one 30 EUR worth dining table :D). Ordered several books on Amazon, so far got only this one but I found it quite inspiring:

browsed through several interior design blogs (got hooked on a few as well - check out WE LIKE section in our blog) and decided to go for beige, grey/baby blue and white pallet. The dark period of my life is OVER :D SO that also means that some of my existing furniture will have to be repainted and that style wise I will go a bit eclectic as the new table is traditional style and most of my existing furniture is rather modern and with ascetic lines. So far I've decided that my vibrant carpet, all lamps, table for TV set, coffee table and several small items like cushions and chair pads have to go :( (ok, not too far, just few floors lower - to my garage :))

Yesterday I hit a few interior shops and got this beautiful lamp and cushions:

My table is going to be delivered only in the beginning of February. Until then I have to start looking for ceiling lamps, carpet, chairs (plan to by second hand again and reupholster them myself) - I will need five or six, and nice, old chest of drawers (going to redo it as well). Hope my wallet will not get cramps :)

You will hear from me soon.

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