Monday, January 31, 2011

Fairy Tales

When I was a little girl my mum used to read a fairy tale to me when she put me to bed. And I believe many of you can tell the same story. I assume thus fairy tales play an important role in our lives as they certainly form a part of our belief prism, it is not only our parents who teach us right from wrong but also the stories we hear. Tales always have a moral and present an opportunity to discern good from evil. The good usually prevails, but the wicked always has to learn a lesson. And even after growing up we believe that – we call it justice, we call it good and appropriate behaviour, we call it happy life. We grew up with such a conviction. And I believe it was for the best though it might be a bit tricky with the part where real life tales don't always have a happy ending, where the good doesn't conquer the evil and we all are princesses or Cinderellas, Sleeping Beauties or Little Mermaids still, waiting for our princes and 'Happily Ever After' while they are Supermen and pirates busy saving the world and sailing boats :) Thing is that our lives consist of tales, it is us who chose which to believe in.
My grandmother always kept a fairy tale book on the nightstand by her bed as she said that when she could not sleep sometimes the fairy tales were the best calming literature in such occasions. This literary genre is probably one of the oldest in the world. Probably there is no one who has grown up without fairy tales. Initially, they travelled around orally, then they were written down and read. And contemporary tales are mostly created as audiovisual products called movies. Though people are still fond of books and tales told in books most of the best ones become movies as well. The great success of such fantasy novels as Harry Potter or Twilight Saga is an evidence that we all miss that part of mystery and 'beyond the real' part in our lives. 

Every time I feel like this world is a bit too real for me I like to treat myself with one of the movies from my favourite fairy tale movies' list :)






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  1. Fairy tales are nice indeed and I also agree that we need them even though being grown up already. Once I tried to reread fairy tales that I used to like as a child and I was shocked. I had absolutely different perspective and view on them and to be honest I did not expect that I had to read fairy tales as a child. Why? Because so many of them contain so many facts and things that are so relevant to adults life. So I wondered HOW could I read them as a child...