Sunday, January 30, 2011

My Room - part I

I was lucky to discover an organisation called CIGS Archipelago which manages a very interesting project. One colleague of mine recommended me this site called Okassions buttik, so if you live in Luxembourg and possess a knowledge of French or German you can read more about it. The CIGS Archipelago is the supporting structure and the framework for the establishment and promotion of cultural projects of the CFS network. They collect items from people who no longer need them, ship them to workshops in Differdange, refurbish (by specially trained employees) and make them available on the site for public and social offices. The objectives of this organisation include developing activities to further guidance around common values and common issues saying that human consumption patterns generate a large volume of items whose ultimate destination feeds incineration plants. Many of these used products could have the joy of new owners, if they had been recovered before they are destroyed, repaired if necessary, and finally made available to the public. So it very much complies with my perception. Besides if the money goes for a good cause...

This is what I purchased there and now I am waiting impatiently for it to be delivered :)

Yet another nice thing I got from Mambo in Trier this Saturday:

So I can't wait! Looks like this is gonna be a very busy month! :)

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