Sunday, January 9, 2011

Flea markets

There are people who adore flea markets, second-hand shops, antique-shops, considering these places real treasuries, and there are people who sneer at these things, some believe it is bad for your bio energy to wear or keep other people's things which over the years have soaked up all the energy surrounding them. Me personally I am a fan and I do share an opinion that it is possible to find amazing things there. Besides I start to be concerned with the fact that human race has become a race of consumers and waste producers therefore this is a way to "recycle" things - something which one person finds outdated and to be thrown away another one wants to buy. Perfect concept in my mind :) Besides in the context of energy flow I believe that I wouldn't be drawn to an object which would contain some bad energy or energy which would be adverse to mine. The only exception is a mirror. I would never buy an antique mirror. I guess it is just a superstition of mine.
Every once in a while there are very nice flea markets organised in the municipalities of Luxembourg city and sometime last autumn I went to see one. 
As the area where it took place can be considered as one where rich people reside it determined as well the assortment of things which could be found there. It was possible to buy many nice things for rather small amount of money - for example Christian Dior china dinnerware 10 EUR a plate, vintage fashion items, pieces of furniture, paintings etc.

This was a part of my catch :) All these things you see below costed me exactly 27 EUR (with bargaining of course, which is a must in the flea markets :)). 

Two beautiful vases found their home at my friends' places as they really liked each other :)

In the beginning of last year's September I went to Berlin to visit my friend and we went to Mauerpark Flea Market which takes place every Sunday and is amazingly huge. 

It is a place to meet people, to hang out, to get rid of unneeded stuff or to sell your own creations, and to purchase nice things. The ambiance is great and if you happen to go to Berlin I definitely recommend it. When it's getting warmer I plan to participate there myself (it is possible to register here) - should be fun :)

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