Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Biting The Big Apple

Shortly before Christmas I was visiting one of my favourite cities again - New York... Almost two weeks seemed like plenty of time but as usual in the end there was not enough time but we all know it is good to leave something on the list for the next time.

Only being back there I realized how much we managed to see when visiting the Big Apple for the first time and just for 5 days. So this time around was more about filling in the blanks and shoulds of the previous time in a very relaxed manner. One of "the shoulds" was The John Dory Oyster Bar on the corner of the 29th and Broadway. Even though we didn't have a reservation and the place was packed we managed to get seated in 15 min and could enjoy a lovely meal. As the name suggests itself - it's more of a bar where you can have a glass of wine along with small portions of different seafood dainties. Check!

By the way just now and just by accident I found this site  immaculateinfatuation.com which looks like a great guide for New York restos' scene.

Next thing on my list was to find some good jazz club so after I made some inquiries we headed to the place called The Smalls Jazz Club in the West Village (not to mention that this area is full of lovely bars, restos and coffee places) which according to the guys we were asking the directions for was "really small" which it kind of was but it was also very cosy having even their own cat laying on the table and the owner who knew where Latvia was making a witty jazzy reference to Cole Porter's song "Let's Do It" where Letts are actually mentioned. There are usually at least three sessions per night, on w-ends even four starting at 4 pm. Check!

I was nicely surprised by some casual chain dining restaurant called Joe's Crab Shack (corner of Broad and Lafayette St, Newark, NJ) we found ourselves in when popping in for a drink after watching NHL game and freezing while waiting for a lift. I wish we could have stayed longer to try their menu but this is one of those things on the list to be left for the next time. Great interior, great presentation of food and drinks and all together - a great ambiance. 

Joe's Crab Shack

To conclude this short insight (mostly lustful indulgence in the world of food - AGAIN) I will post some more visuals from that lovely pre-Christmas time sharing also the absolute winner - "Carol of the Bells" as the soundtrack of our New York trip. This song in different versions was following us everywhere.

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