Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Better Than Ice Cream

can be only your self-made ice cream. I was watching Mr Jamie Oliver with his 30 Minute Meals and there it was - fast to make, healthy and tasty. My little niece being "no day without an ice cream in summer" type of individual was my target "group" in order to make her addiction/habit a notch healthier and as she headed back to the kitchen for the second round I was rejoicing.

So here it goes:

(frozen) berries approx 500 g
(in our case all organic picked by our own hands in a garden 
50 m from the shore of the Baltic sea)

natural yogurt 500 g

3-4 tablespoons of honey

That all goes into blender, then in an appropriate container and then into the freezer. And it is exactly that simple. 
And this is how it might have looked if it was made from blackberries and if I had my camera with me. Pinterest comes in handy.

The only critical comment I could pay was that I didn't like the ice flakes forming in the ice cream but maybe if I'd put a sour cream with higher fat percentage instead of yogurt (any other suggestions, folks?) that would not be the case so this is to try out.

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