Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

Saw it yesterday. It was good. Didn't have much doubt about it knowing all the movies David Fincher has made (The Zodiac probably might be the only exception I didn't like much). He is one of my top filmmakers.
I had a feeling movie breaks into two parts nearly at the end, probably as to make a platform for the sequel. Haven't read any of Stieg Larsson's trilogy nor have I seen any of the Swedish onscreen adaptations so far therefore I can not judge which one is better. I found it interesting that in Fincher's version most of the characters spoke English having (supposedly Swedish) accent as a tribute to the Swedish origin of the story I assume.

Rooney Mara was an absolute gem (nominations for the Golden Globe and the Oscar totally deserved). I was happy to see Robin Wright again, she was good as always. Daniel Craig - no comments of course :) Excellent Christopher Plummer and many other great actors' works as well as great artists' and professionals' collaboration which for many of them was not the first one.

Dark and chilling, showing not only the ugliest side of a human but also the fragile one, great shots and editing, fabulous soundtrack, images overloaded with details which might slip by while watching the movie for the first time, a lot of photographs and texts used as a visual concept, in a nutshell - very David Fincher :)

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