Sunday, February 12, 2012

Ania's Home

This time I will take you on a tour to the apartment of one of my very dear friends in Luxembourg named Ania. She is my ally when it comes to visiting flea markets and baking muffins, and she is also one of those people who rose my interest in secondhand furniture and interior objects as her apartment is full of very beautiful and unique secondhand things collected throughout the years from different parts of Europe. Ania says that the reason she loves used things is that they all can tell a story, this is why she appreciates the flaws, scars and the time marks left on the old furniture and used objects as she does not like perfection either. Every piece of her interior is well-weighed decision and there are no random things filling the space. So enjoy this beautiful world which Ania has created and kindly revealed to all of us. And be inspired!

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