Thursday, December 8, 2011

Prepping for Christmas

As I've probably mentioned before I am a TOTAL Christmas freak - I just LOVE everything about it! I love the time of waiting and preparation, I love getting and making presents for my family, friends and beloved ones, I love decorating the house for the occasion while listening to the Christmas songs, in a nutshell - it is the most heartwarming time of the year for me as it fills my being with sweet and nostalgic sensation and I do believe and see that people are trying to be more kind and caring for each other over this time of the year. 

This year it seemed that preparation for Christmas had started much earlier than usual. Christmas trees were on sale already before the First Advent. Christmas period always passes so quickly therefore I don't mind stretching it a bit longer even though I do realise that it is done for the sake of better marketing. But as I said - it seems that this festivity makes people willing to be better so whatever works and the longer it works the better.

I've decorated my house already two weeks ago. This would be my improvised Christmas tree :) as the real one we will decorate in Latvia on Christmas Eve. Yes, it is really bizarre living like this having those two worlds miles apart from each other but trying to live in both. It is  true that this festivity makes one realise either how lonely or how rich you are in terms of lacking or having  your people around you. And this is quite a topic for expatriates. I will always remember the story one of my acquaintances shared with me after last year's Christmas when there was a lot of snow and many flights were cancelled, his as well, so he ended up coming back to an empty apartment, eating baguette (as there was nothing else he could get in the local petrol station) and crying - this big, strong guy, but I can totally picture that. And he was not crying because of baguette :) This is the time of the year when we have to be around those we love.

I am praying for snow this year around as well but so that we are able to go to the places we want to go as Christmas without snow is not real Christmas. And one more important thing to get into Christmas mood is of course to watch Christmas movies :) And the list is as follows:

An absolute classic
It's A Wonderful Life

Movies to watch together with kids or remembering yourself as one
Home Alone

The Grinch Who Stole Christmas

And then some very good ones and very cheesy ones (but it is allowed for Christmas) for all of us

Love Actually

The Family Stone

The Holiday

So wishing you a merry time preparing!

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