Saturday, December 10, 2011

London revisited

Previous weekend me and my friends went to London - my city of all the cities. Besides long strolls by Thames, mulled wine in the Christmas market near Waterloo bridge, wondering around Covent garden, once again I had many new discoveries. One of them was Angel area in Islington as it was the first time we stayed there and enjoyed the scenery with the beautiful Victorian houses, all the lovely boutiques, little vintage shops, restaurants and coffee places, like Keston Lodge which was hosting the Wonder Hill Market last Sunday where we got the chance to taste delicious cupcakes of Arthur & Aleksandra - my personal favourite out of those I tasted was chocolate & orange cupcake. Didn't find the picture of it on their blog but here is a couple of teasers just to show you the beauty of those creations :)
arthur & aleksandra
As Arthur&Aleksandra state themselves this is what happens when an architect turns their hand to a spot of baking...

arthur & aleksandra
So hopefully by the next time I am in London they will have their shop opened some place.

Then we were happy to discover that just on the corner of the street where we had our hotel we also had Jamie Oliver's restaurant "Jamie's Italian" which  quickly changed our mindset from a choice of going for a musical in favour of  a gastronomic feast. Even though we didn't have high hopes entering on a busy Saturday evening it surprised us with the accessibility as the system there is that you don't necessarily need to make a reservation, you come over, ask for a table, the receptionist tells you the approximate waiting time and if you are ok with that you are given a beeper and welcomed to wait in the bar area until you get the table (that's when the beeper comes in :)). For us it took nearly 1h30 and two yummy cocktails each :) I loved the food, the atmosphere and friendliness of the staff, the prices were very democratic and the interior - industrial/rustic/retro mixture. So YES - thumbs up!

Jamie's Italian
For now this is all I wanted to share hoping to go to London soon enough to get inspired by that magnificent city again. Sweet dreams and have a great w-end! Be inspired and become an inspiration yourselves!

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