Tuesday, July 26, 2011



It all started in 2009 when Elīna Dobele was on her maternity leave. Being an architect she decided to become a footwear designer. And it was a good decision. With a help of a shoemaker and her business partner later on - Andrejs Ivanovs and their support team they started making footwear which was marching under the strange name ZoFA (originally it was invented for a club which Elīna and her husband never established).

ZoFA's footwear is unique because of the possiblility to make an individual order choosing different fabrics on the bases of the models within the collection. Elīna is testing the materials used for the shoes herself exposing them to different extreme conditions.

Recently ZoFA has won the competition "International Young Design Entrepreneur Award 2011" organized by the British Council. ZoFA was recognized as the best young entrepreneur in Latvia in the field of fashion and design.

Check out ZoFA's website to see their lovely creations. Wishing all the success and a lot of inspiration coming their way!

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