Tuesday, May 3, 2011


What a magnificent convergence of three of my great loves - dance, music and cinematography! I am talking about Wim Wenders' latest movie - "PINA" - documentary about late dancer and choreographer Pina Bausch who was a leading influence in the development of the Tanztheater style of dance. It is a celebration of great talents, human body, movements, relations, emotions, beauty, dance and life. Every image is so esthetically complete and refined, being fresh and vivid at the same time. A treat for the eyes and soul. I was overwhelmed. And you simply have to see it to understand why. Words don't say a thing.
Those who reside in Luxembourg will have this opportunity for this and coming week in cinema Utopia. Movie is in 3D and for the first time I really appreciated usage of this technology in cinematography as it gave me a genuine sense of presence and in my opinion was complementing this movie on its' way of becoming a masterpiece.

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