Saturday, May 14, 2011


I planned a rather long trip with several connections which I was annoyed with at some point but in the end I was happy thus having met some nice and interesting people on my way, seeing that time schedules for Italians DO exist and experiencing a lot of funny ways of communication when there is no common language spoken. It was almost like a trip down the memory lane as my previous visit to Naples took place almost 6 years ago when I actually experienced a cultural shock and that was after spending a year in another Mediterranean country - Greece. This time I knew already what to expect but still I had to get used to several things. Like their streets. Being a pedestrian and keeping in mind that pedestrian areas are often blocked with parked cars or pile of garbage sacks, or they are simply too narrow to walk on or non existing, we were forced to walk on the road. My friend met me at the station with two babies so I ended up pushing a pushchair and being close to a heart-attack on our way home. But I have to admit that in this seeming chaos there is a simple order - every driver has their foot on the brakes and I think that saves it all :) If you want to cross the street you simply have to cross it. Sometimes I had a feeling I could just close my eyes and go running after my already almost Italian friend as there would be no difference really and at least this way I wouldn't get the chance to get terrified by obvious possibility to get hit by a car. Little habits one has to adopt to survive there. One of my friends compared the scenery of Naples to a war zone as we got of the bus in the middle of the day in the centre of the city when we had just passed a crime scene with five burned/blown up cars, streets full of rubbish, the half of it being lit up and burning on the side of the street and other half flying right into our faces because of the wind, cars which didn't stop unless we pretended to be more impudent than their drivers and constant noise of honking car horns. That's how hell would look for me :)

But then again the pastry shops - mamma mia! One day on our way to Pompeii we stopped at one and spent quite some time there trying a little bit of this and a little bit of that :) That again would have been a slight resemblance to heaven in my mind:)

Overall people were kind, food was delicious, nature was beautiful, weather was strange, but most important of all - I had a chance to meet people I love and fall in love with new ones - that is official now - I fell in love with 5 months old half Italian, half Latvian boy Christian :) Thank you, Maiki, for the loveliest time! :*

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