Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Spring, life and blossoms

Usually people tend to define their favourite season, be it summer, spring, autumn or winter. Some live where it is always summer, some - where winter changes for milder winter :) I was happy to be born in a country where one could feel the full spectrum of the change of seasons - autumn with coloured leafs, lots of apples, golden-daisies and frost, and spring full of awakening, thrill and life. Yes, summers were always a bit too short, and winters sometimes felt never ending. But it was all there - a constant cycle of life.

It's my 5th spring in Luxembourg and every time I am breathless when everything starts to bloom. And I ask myself - can one get used to the beauty? Unfortunately I have to admit that I believe the general answer would be yes. But at the same time it is like telling that I do not understand the essence of life which in my opinion is to never stop wondering and appreciate all those little manifestations of life itself, shouldn't be hard at all with the beautiful ones :) A moment of letting my heart be filled with this overwhelming sense of gratitude of being alive which makes some little strings tremble inside resulting in a smile in the right corner of my lips.

So cheers to yet another beautiful spring and us being alive! :)

P.S. This is me being influenced by just finished book "Life of Pi"

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