Wednesday, April 20, 2011


I always get inspired when I come to Latvia. And this time was no exception. There is a lovely place in Riga called "Fazenda" with a restaurant, bakery, shop and vegetable market during the summer around the corner.

Photos from photo gallery

This place is situated in the center of Riga in a lovely two-story wooden house and is owned by two guys who are friends and were serving in the army together. They started with baking cookies and cakes a while ago but then decided to go for a new challenge which resulted in this nice, eclectic place. They say it was an outcome of joined efforts. All their friends in one way or another were involved in designing "Fazenda". And I love the name. Opposite the original meaning this is how people used to call their co-operative gardens and tiny garden houses in the Soviet era with a little dose of irony. Indeed it feels like in a garden or a country house were there are no two items alike, as if all the outdated things from the apartment in the city had travelled to the 'fazenda' over the years... Lovely.

Tomorrow we are off to Tallinn. I am very curious :)


  1. I am passing by this place at least twice per week as its on my way. I remembered because of the name. Fazenda is a good choice for a place you describe here. I have not been inside yet though...

  2. And have fun in Rome btw! :))

  3. Well, dear, I recommend to enter at least once :)