Saturday, February 26, 2011

My room - part II

It's been a while since I posted something about my "project" called "refurnishing my room". But it doesn't mean that I've not been doing anything on that. So here are a few sneak-peeks.

I have this radiator in my living room positioned in a rather visible place and I figured this could be a way to use it.

I bought those 3D cardboard letter patterns in a shop (approx. 5 EUR a piece, smaller one was almost 4 EUR) and I'm still thinking either decoupage them or no. Somehow lately I feel like going for clean colours and lines so probably I will stick with the white original colour. You can play around with shapes, sizes, styles and the content of the writing. The only thing I wanted to point out is that I am not using this radiator for the heating so I can not say if those cardboard letters are heat proof. Nevertheless you can attach a little shelf on the top of it to prevent the heat influencing them directly.

Then another trendy thing in the fashion design for the spring/summer collections of 2011 are tassels. So I decided to bring the fashion design into my interior design adjusting these tassels to the keys of my old new cupboard, filing cabinet and wardrobe though initially I got them to fix them to the cushions. I think these tassels add a nice touch.

I was lucky to find these beautiful Laura Ashley's fabrics in Riga in Abakhan Fabrics shop just for approx. 6 EUR a meter. Of course these are older collections but who cares :) I am thinking of using them when reupholstering the dining table chairs. Wall paper got in Laura Ashley and Heytens. I used it to refurbish the cupboard in my living room and the chest of drawers in the bedroom.

And last but not the least I bought a huge carpet:

So now it is about painting the furniture, reupholstering the chairs, attaching the lamps and... that's it I guess :)) And the funniest thing of all is that after the dining table was delivered and I had a chance to see it in my living room I decided not to paint it white - ha-ha - the reason why I chose to go through all these changes. Kind of portraying life in a perfect way :))

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  1. Looks fantastic! What else can I say? :) I would also leave letters white. Moreover there is always a chance to change the color whenever you decide.