Thursday, October 28, 2010

Some decoupage...

All of these things were made as presents for my friends. And this is something I've always appreciated by others and loved doing myself especially when realising that my friends earn enough to afford buying themselves whatever they need and want so that's when one has to start being original. Besides it makes it so much more special than an item bought in the shop.

This one I called a WISH BOX and it was given to a friend who is very much fond of India and it's culture.
Materials used:
wooden box pattern;
Akademie acryl color (sand);
FolkArt Crackle Medium;
Rico Design Prato Acrylic (cadmium deep red);
Amsterdam Acrylic Standard Series (burned soil No 409);
napkin with Buddha image;
Mod Podge Matte (waterbase sealer, glue & finish).
However this was my first attempt to decoupage... But sure not the last. Will be continued... Time to go to bed now :)

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