Friday, October 29, 2010

Decoupage - tray

This was another present for another friend.
Materials used:
wooden tray pattern;
Akademie acryl color (olive);
FolkArt Crackle Medium;
Akademie acryl color (sand);
napkin with dill (or whatever spice it may be :)) image;
Mod Podge Matte (waterbase sealer, glue & finish)
(I forgot to mention yesterday that) in the end you have to apply a varnish coating as acrylic colours dissolve in the water and you might want to clean the tray with a wet rag every once in a while otherwise it might end up with sweeping away all the beauty.

Here you can see in close-up what crackle medium does - I just love this effect :)
So you apply the base colour, then crackle medium and then the top colour, and the crackle medium cracks the top coating revealing the colour of the base.

This is like a promo pic: FOR LONELY, COLD WINTER EVENINGS (cause Latvians rather drink tea in the evenings than in the afternoons :))
But my friend went to "Villeroy & Boch" after receiving this present and got herself a beautiful and amazingly matching set of tea cups for two changing it to TO MAKE THE COLD WINTER EVENINGS NICE AND COSY! VoilĂ ! :)

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