Thursday, August 22, 2013

My Beautiful Riga Vol.3

Design hotel "Neiburgs" lives in this beautiful Art Nouveau building on Jauniela 25/27 in Old Town.

This building is like an identification card of Art Nouveau architecture in Riga and is a true pearl of the style. Situated on Elizabetes 10 b. You can find more information about Art Nouveau buildings in Riga here.

Last for today is this beautiful building on Kalķu 18 in Old Town. When I was a teenager alternative youth used to gather in the nearby square and they were telling stories that this house was cursed and haunted and that this was being a reason why house was deserted for many, many years. But now it looks that all the ghosts are gone, it is loved and inhabited again. And it has this beautiful staircase in the very heart of it.

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