Monday, July 15, 2013

Ticket To Heaven

As I am scouting around Riga these days to discover and check out the new (maybe just for me) places to bring my friends to when they will come visiting in the next months I have to point out couple of recent finds.

EcoCatering's terrace called TELPA where you can rave through their abundant and delicious organic food buffet just for 5 lats (which is approximately 7 euros). A perfect hide-away place for a hot summer day when you're tired of the sun and crowds. On Wednesdays they organize jazz evenings, then it is recommended to make a reservation.

And yet another great place I discovered today is a bustaurant (haha) called Ticket to Heaven which is situated on the banks of our river Daugava in front of the yacht club and port of Riga in Andrejsala. According to the concept of the development of this area it is going to face a lot of changes in the coming years. Hopefully TTH will not have to move anywhere though it should not be a problem for them as they are quite mobile having four wheels :)


Andrejsala brings together this creative vibe with glamourous lounge bars along the riverside. Will see how this concept works in the future and will check out the posh places as well soon enough. 

Conclusion of today - my city is so damn beautiful! Inspired!

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