Monday, April 8, 2013


I am leaving back home to Latvia in a bit more than a month time. So my epopee of 6 years life in Luxembourg is coming to an end and it is quite a strange feeling I have to admit. It has been a long period of my life and there is a huge change awaiting, and though it was a conscious decision of mine a part of me is scared sh..less while the other one is very excited.
This all has made me think about the human ability to learn to say goodbye - to places, to people, to things. This is not the first time I've been living abroad so I know how hard it can be but it is also a human nature to get used to everything, even to saying goodbye. Of course with nowadays possibilities of communication and travelling these are probably not real closures. But still. Besides I have a strong belief about the relationships which are meant to last and those which are not, time and distance only serves to recognize the difference. Not everything has to last in our lives and the funny thing is that it actually never does so it is very valuable to learn to appreciate the presence of someone or something as well as to learn to let go.
These last months I've had a revelation that by actually facing the fact that everything is terminal I have been enjoying life much more, becoming more open and adventurous. And another thing I've noticed is that even time seems to pass slower these days because I absorb every minute of it. In fact real life is what happens between Event X and Trip Y. But so often people tend to live in a constant waiting line for these unknowns. Maybe I've finally come closer to here and now conception. I wish :) Anyway these are all just digested notions with an added value of my own experience.

In the light of my removal and conclusion that I've accumulated way too much stuff during these years I have to mention these "Less is more" type of projects I've come across - Project 333 and Be More with Less which came in handy not only from the philosophical but plain practical point of view. Getting rid of clutter in direct and metaphorical sense is really relieving.

And when talking about the philosophical side of it all here are two books I re-read again with pleasure:

To sum it all up I will post a short part of the lecture of timeless and wonderful Alan Watts. Sleep well and enjoy the dance! :)

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