Monday, January 16, 2012

Art Nouveau in Riga

My dearest city and my hometown is claimed to be the gem and the capital of Art Nouveau style of Europe. Forty per cent of buildings (approximately 800 in total) in the centre of Riga belong to Art Nouveau style but there are more spread in other parts of Riga as well as in other cities of Latvia (Liepāja is the second in range).  The video below gives a very good insight.

Art Nouveau buildings in Riga have been designated as UNESCO World Heritage Site. The majority of them are concentrated in the central part of Riga, especially on Alberta Street and the so-called Quiet Centre or embassy district. This is where you will also find the Art Nouveau museum of Riga which we visited during the holiday period. You can have a guided tour there but it is better to call in advance and to arrange an appointment. This is the beautiful staircase of the house of the museum on Alberta Street 12 (entrance from Strēlnieku Street).

On the same street - Strēlnieku Street 3 to be exact - there is a beautifully furnished art café called "Sienna". The menu lists a variety of coffee drinks, high-quality teas and several options for wine and exquisite sweet lovers. This is a place to have a quiet moment while having your cup of coffee, gazing through the window at one of the Art Nouveau masterpieces just across the street and listing through hundreds of books in Sienna's library.
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And I almost forgot - HAPPY NEW YEAR! :))

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