Friday, September 9, 2011


So here I am back from my holidays with several nice discoveries and stories to tell. One of them is about a place called Terrace Riga - an open air restaurant with a view over Riga's rooftops from the 8-stories shopping centre top.

During the winter they have an ice-rink there and I guess it must be a really bizarre experience to skate on a rooftop so I will try it out this winter. Prices are a bit above the average but it can be understood as you pay also for the gorgeous scenery.

The next great discovery was a bar-restaurant called Garāža though the name of the place left me puzzled as the interior was more based on the elements of train theme, should inquire next time. In an instant Garāža became an all time favourite place for my 8-year-old niece as we were sitting at the table in a built-in glass compartment with double deck beds and a flat TV screen on the wall next to the table instead of a window where the video track of a railway trip in Switzerland was rolling all the time. Lovely idea! It was a great illusion :) Now whenever you ask my little niece where would  she like to go, she exclaims - GARĀŽA! Therefore a suggestion for their team even though the main target group is grown-ups - guys, make children menu as well, please!

Tasty food, very friendly staff, interesting interior design. Garāža recently celebrated one year anniversary so I hope they'll manage to keep all these good characteristics in the future as it is quite typical for the new, popular places to give up on the quality of service after some time for the sake of... I do not even know what. Maybe they just loose the enthusiasm. Prices overall were ok, bit above the average, but food and service was all worth it. It felt like one of those places which becomes a regular meeting spot for you and your friends, very cosy.

I am leaving one more story for the next time. Story about beautiful dresses. But for now be inspired and have a lovely w-end!

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