Monday, August 1, 2011

My room - part III

I got the wide angle lens (yippee! :)) last week so I finally could take some pictures of my room which is nearly finished. There are still some little things to be fixed. Hope I will do that soon not to spend another half of the year getting to it :)

This is how it looks now:

As I have an open kitchen and the entrance door is pretty much in the room as well I felt it is better to divide the room into two parts by having sofa turned with its' back to the entrance and placing the buffet right behind it. Besides it is very handy to put a cup of tea there or place a lamp for winter reading :) I took the upper part of the old buffet I bought, painted it white, put a wall paper on the back of it and made a frame around it using the pvc ceiling trim, I also put the same wall paper behind the glass shelves on the frontal part.

This is the famous trouble maker - dining table :) The reason for all these changes.

I still have to buy three more chairs and the idea is to have them if not all different then at least of several kind.

That wall on the left is all big huge beautiful window so it is very nice to  have a meal and observe the street or have it wide open during a hot summer day (yeah, right, like we get summer in Luxembourg at all :)).

And as you can see that radiator I've mentioned before is really ugly and out of place there so I decorated it with some cardboard letters which in my opinion add a nice touch to the scenery.

Picture below reveals the other corner of the room where I placed this wooden book/dvd/shelf to complement the wooden table in the other corner (which initially was considered to be painted...)

This lovely Rosenthal Group porcelain "bast-basket" I bought in one of the bric-a-brak fairs in Luxembourg. It is absolutely gorgeous. 

This is where my Portobello's bird cage and the books I like to list through live.

The lower part of the buffet I used as a TV set table. I painted it plain white but then realised it is just too white and tidy so I scraped off some of the paint making it look a bit dilapidated and more of a French country style.

That's it I guess. I will continue with the things I think still need to be upgraded, fixed or bought and I'll keep you posted ;)

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