Tuesday, June 14, 2011

London, I love you!

One more time I will confess - I absolutely love London and it is my favourite metropolis of Europe. I went there again last weekend to have a look at Portobello street market which is being claimed to be one of the most famous street markets in the world and has become extremely popular after the romantic comedy "Notting Hill" starring Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant saw the daylight. It is indeed remarkable in size, range of goods and the atmosphere though I have to admit I am still a Camden Town fan.

I was lucky to find a beautiful birdcage for my living room interior, had a delicious cupcake in The Hummingbird Bakery (this was something my friend remembered even the next day :)), they have started exactly in Portobello in 2004, bought several great cookbooks in The Book Warehouse in Notting Hill and went for delicious meals to Soho's Thai Tho restaurant which is a place to return to because of the great food, lovely interior and very friendly staff.
London is a city which has casted a spell over me,  maybe I have lived there in my previous life :) It is a city where everyone can be as crazy as one wishes and nobody will really notice it or at least will pretend not to. It is a city of many talents, marvellous personalities, warm-hearted people and unpredictable weather. 

London, I love you!

P.S. Funny as it was staying in the hotel in Bayswater/Notting Hill area we found ourselves in the living area of Greek community which made me smile and say that Greece is following me everywhere. That country is another great love of mine. But that is also another story for another time :) 


  1. I think I started to like London more after reading your thoughts :)