Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Recently I read an article in Latvian weekly magazine IR - a real dream-come-true success story of one Latvian girl named Agnija Tiļļa who started her own watch design studio May28th after moving to Canada. Her products made it to the New York Magazine and  ELLE September 2010 U.S. edition and I think that is a benchmark for yet not widely known, young designer. Each watch is one-of-a-kind and gets a "serie number" - she started the count-down from midnight and now has gotten to 9 AM. For instance this is how a 08:15AM watch looks like :)
So  this is a tribute to yet another talented compatriot of mine. I wish her a great success in the future and a lot of inspiration! And I believe my friend Vika would be very delighted to find out about this story in more details because one of her passions is wrist-watches ;)

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